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Estate Sale Services FAQ

What is your fee for a consultation? 

Our consultations are a  free service.    

I’m not sure I have enough items to conduct a sale, what should I do? 

A Change Of Seasons provides a free consultation service. After we preview the home we will be able to direct you.  

Once I decide to have an estate sale, what should I do? 

Should I start throwing things away? Absolutely not! Let us be the judge on what is throw away and what is to be sold. The client, siblings, and any other relatives that are to be involved should go through the estate and remove only the items that THEY are to have.

What is your fee? 

A Change Of Seasons fee is by commission only. Commissions range from 35% to 50% depending on the amount of work involved and the amount of the value of the estate.

How long does it take to conduct a sale?

Typical set up time is about one week, but we will ask for a 2 week set up if required.  Sales last two days. Friday and Saturday, only on Sundays in extenuating circumstances. 

Is A Change of Seasons a licensed company? 

Yes, we are licensed and bonded.

How long as a Change of Seasons been in business? 

We have been managing estate sales in San Diego for over 10 years. In that time we have completed over 400 successful estate sales. 

Can you provide references from satisfied customers? 

Yes, we give at least (3) references.

Is there a written contract that details all services provided? 

Yes, A Change of Seasons provides an explicit written contract for every job.

What happens to the things that do not sell? 
We have a discussion prior to the sale about should be done in this situation. If no specific directions are given, a Change of Seasons will use their own discretion on the final distribution of the unsold items. If there are enough quality items remaining, we will have a trusted buy-out company come in to purchase the remaining items. If there isn't much left to work with, we will box up the remaining items for a charity or donation
In some cases, A Change of Seasons will take an item on as a consignment item to be sold at a subsequent sale. 

Do you provide a written final accounting? 

Yes, A Change Of Seasons gives a final accounting summary with receipts.

How long after the sale do I have to wait for my money? 

It usually takes (10) ten working days after the sale to put the package together and mail it out.

Will I need to bring in a clean up service after the sale is over? 

A Change of Seasons will leave the home neat and clean, we do what we call a broom sweep. We vacuum, sweep, and wipe down the countertops.

Who pays for the advertising, and where do you advertise?

 A Change of Seasons pays for advertising. We advertise on our website, through, postings on Craigslist, as well as signage to your sale. We also have an extensive email list of over 1,000 estate sale enthusiasts in San Diego county. 

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